Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where Have I Been?

I have been very busy but I'm not sure at what. I feel like it is days since I have checked blogs, and there's so much news to catch up on. I am doing very well with WW (weight watchers) and the pounds are starting to fall again-not very fast, but at least down rather than up.

I have been increasing my steps as the prelude to starting an exercise program: I have my long term goal (to hike the Grand Canyon with Lillian next summer) and have to set up my short term goals. A funny thing at work happened today. One of the young IT guys, while talking about diet and exercise, asked me if I wanted to run a marathon with them next month. Who are they kidding? I'm probably 25-30 years older than most of them, and haven't nearly enough time to train even if I thought it was something I wanted to do. And I have to admit, once upon a time I wanted to train to race-maybe not a marathon, but a 5 or 10K. Though I did do a lot of running in my 20s, I never raced. Omi did-I've even seen a picture of her with her number tag on.

I have been busy cutting out material, both for Lill's costume and for the Halloween apron swap. I was at Bruce's Variety yesterday and got some cool Halloween stuff (as if I didn't have enough already).

I have been to my first meeting of the local chapter of the Pomegranate Guild. What a wonderful bunch of ladies, and they are working on some incredible Judaic crafts. One woman is hooking a wall hanging for her daughter of Chagall's windows, another is quilting challah covers, a third is needlepointing a pillow top while a fourth is a beader, doing beaded yalmulkes (headcoverings) and a really interesting crochet beaded necklace. I hope to have a few of my holiday aprons ready to take next month to show them. This month I took the crocheted placemats that look like Passover candy slices.

I have made four loaves of zucchini bread in the last two nights-thank you, Dave, our next door neighbor, for growing zuccs this summer.....

There are things I have not done. I have not finished the laundry, and given there are just two of us home now, that's pathetic. I have not painted the front door, but that will happen soon. I have not made new seat cushions for the dining room chairs. I have not mailed out Rosh Hashanah cards. But, I have enjoyed some beautiful fall weather, I have talked on the phone with friends, I have eaten some wonderful meals Lou has cooked and I have almost finished reading a book about the last few days of Grant's march toward Appomattox. See, Lill, I can read something besides Nora Roberts.

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