Sunday, September 6, 2009

Nothing like a sale!

There is nothing like a great sale to make sure that I contribute to the economy. Lilli sent the pattern she wanted for Halloween home from AZ with Jack, and since JoAnn's was having a big sale, I talked Angie into going with me. Of course with patterns on sale, I had to get a few-9-mostly apron but some clothes, too, as I did promise myself to do some sewing for ME.

I got great materials for Lilli's costume. If you are a Dr. Who fan, you may remember the face in the fireplace episode where the clock androids keep checking on Mme. du Pompadour until she is "ready". So, Lilli found a costume pattern similar to the dresses the ladies wore
-short rather than floor length. I found a lovely brocade with a pink background and a gold/blue-gray paisley, and lavender for the underskirt. The question now is to make the bodice insert the lavender under lace or the champagne under lace. We will have to think on it. the pattern is Simplicity #2832, view B, and these are the basic materials:this shows the border lace, the scalloped edge for the lower sleeves, the brocade, and my choices of bodice top, the underskirt is the lavender. it'll be fun doing some period sewing again..... I will probably start tonight or tomorrow.

I also went wild for the spooks etc swap I entered on Aunt Pitty Pat's blog. It's really going to be something different--shiny, embossed, glittery--I'll post the finished product once I decide which style to make...... I do hope I will actually get some sewing done for sales, I really need to stop giving everything away.....

We have had some lovely fall temperatures this past week, and when we took Sarah up to Providence Wednesday, the trees were starting to change up North. It was beautiful there, cool and sunny. Her room is nice, she probably still has way too much stuff there, and eventually it will get sorted out. Lou and I will now have to get used to being just the two of us again, and when we're comfortable with that, you know they both will be home for the holidays, and it'll be crazy around here again.

I think it's nap time.

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  1.'s GIRL in the Fireplace and they're clockwork androids. :P