Wednesday, September 9, 2009

End of the day thoughts

what a day it's been! I got a great email from my partner, Val, in the Halloween Spooky apron swap, or course I can't figure out how to post the button or you'd know I entered it. Anyway, it's cool knowing who my partner is this time. I have a few really great stash items that I can use depending on her preferences.

I also spent some time tonight looking up quilt blocks for the The Bee Balm quilting bee. It's so sweet of Tara to let me participate when I don't have any clue as to what I'm doing- a true friend and I haven't even met her in person yet! I am honestly in awe of the many women who quilt. I spent some time going through the inventory on a website of Amish quilts from Lancaster, PA. These are some of the most amazing pieces of work I have ever seen-I am humbled at the ability and creativity these women have and yet take for granted. When you look at the close up photos and see the intricacy of design, not to mention these things are hand quilted, you can't help but let your jaw drop. I know I'm good with a needle, but these are truly works of art.

Tomorrow I am going to my first meeting of the local chapter of the Pomegranate Guild, the organization that supports Jewish Needlework. Hopefully it will lead to some contacts for temple holiday craft boutiques. Last night I was looking at some of the things that are being marketed for Passover, made out of the matzo print cloth, and of course I said to myself, Self-you could do that, especially since you have lots of batting and just bought 2 yards of Insul-Bright.... so of course I bought about 3 yards of material from them, and once it gets here will have to decide whether to make placemats and hot pads or reversible aprons. The matzo print is 60 in wide, so 2 yards will go a long way. Sometimes it's the choices that get in the way, you know?

I've got a great sewing afternoon planned for tomorrrow. I'm going to start Lillian's costume-lots of pieces to cut out, but it's going to be so cute I can't stand it already. And, if I hear from Val, I'll probably start on her apron. She likes half aprons, so that's barely an afternoon of sewing and it's done! The question remains: will she want traditionally Halloween in orange and black, racy Halloween in sheers and sparkles, or fall traditional colors? we'll see soon enough...


  1. there's nothing here!

  2. you need to come back when I haven't f'd it up... lysyb, mom

  3. We're happy to have you in the bee San-Dee. That's the nice thing about this, we're not going to stand on ceremony and I don't care what your skill level is! I can't wait to see what blocks you pick out!