Thursday, September 24, 2009

Isn't it Friday?

I have been thinking today is Friday all day long because I was going to give blood at NIH today, and I usually go in on Fridays. What a fiasco, it seems that breast cancer surgery and reconstruction is one of the cancers tha put you on a two year hold; I can't give blood until I go through two years of no recurrence. This is reasonable, I imagine, but it would have been a whole lot better if the person who called in May for me to come in and give (I'm on a special list because of certain antibodies in my blood-I only give when they have a patient who need that type of blood) and I told her about my surgery would have told me about the wait. Unfortunately, the nurse who was checking me in said that that calling person probably hadn't listened. I asked her to please let management know this had happened, because 1) it was disappointing not to be able to give blood and 2) it took a lot of time from my day that i could have done something else with.

When I was talking with Lillian about it, she asked that I find a venue to "give" that didn't involve being around people, like a soup kitchen, because she didn't want me picking up a cold or flu this winter. It was very sweet. Most likely I will knit or crochet helmet liners for service people, the Lion brand yarn website has a list of lots of charities that need handcrafted donations.

So, the plan is now to walk, sew, and read tomorrow. Lou wants to walk about two blocks tomorrow, then a little farther Saturday, then a little farther on Sunday. As a WW friend says, any walking is better than sitting watching the TV. I'd probably agree, unless it was NCIS reruns. Lou and I have become addicted to them; and watch a couple every night they are on.....

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