Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feelin' old

There are just some days I feel really OLD. Today is one of them; my knee is acting up again and nothing is helping-the brace, icing, drugs, staying off it-nothing. I'm being a witch to everyone in the house and that's not me, well, not usually me.....

Before I had to retire to the bed to keep my knee on a pillow, I did get a few packages taped up for mailing. I hate to say I still have holiday presents that haven't been sent. Yesterday I was better, I finished a reversible apron to donate to a fundraiser for one of the local elementary schools. Shocked the hell out of me when the mom who recruited my donation told me that the event has an entrance fee-$75.00. I don't think I'd be going to something like a silent auction if I had to shell out that kind of money just to get in, but things are tight for schools now.

We continue to have bizarre weather. Though the sun shone most of the day, it was chilly and we had really strong winds. But, the hellebores, crocuses and daffodils are all blooming. This is February-daffs shouldn't be open let alone up! However, the other sure sign of spring around here is the return of the grackles to the feeding rail of the deck. They've been around for three days now, so I suppose I should accept that spring has come to Maryland.

Of course, it hasn't come to Cleveland...... we listen online to a '40s station from Cleveland and listening to the weather updates really makes me glad we're not living there now. It's been in the mid-20s, and the station just announced more snow tonight with the lake effect to deal with; meaning they say an inch will fall, but with the lake effect it could be more-a lot more.

So, wherever you are, please know that spring is on the way to your neck of the woods, too!

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  1. You are not old. I like to look at as "it's not the years...its the mileage!" I am sorry to hear you are hurting. My knees always hurt so I can relate.
    Well, I am back on ww. My DIL asked me to join with her so we go to meetings together on Wednesday mornings. we will go to our second meeting this week. I am staying on point and feel pretty good about the program.
    gotta go