Saturday, April 2, 2011

Squirrels and plagues

Last fall we decided to leave the cushions out on the deck because, honestly, we were too lazy to bring them in. Most of them had rips from wear, so I knew we would be replacing them this spring. The squirrels who frequent the railing feeder noticed the rips, too. They began to take the stuffing out, leaving the chairs looking like this:Then, last week when he was putting out seed, Lou noticed the squirrel nest up in the oak:So, the squirrels were obviously nice and comfy this past winter.

Yes-I have a new camera. Not a fancy one, just one I picked up at Costco yesterday because I didn't realize how much of my sewing I wanted to take pictures of. I hope CVS still develops film because I have been taking photos with a disposable camera and hope it can be developed.

Last week or so I was wandering around one of my favorite Jewish fabric websites, 1-800-Dreidel, and noticed a section la
beled Passover fabric. Of course I had to go look, and there were various selections for the ten plagues. Of course I had to buy them, and fortunately they give a discount to Pomegranate Guild members which makes it easy to justify buying more fabric.

My main focus will be making afikomen bags. However, when I showed the fabric to KS on the webcam, she laughed and said wouldn't it be fun to have a skirt for Seder. So, being the kind of mom I am, and willing to do anything that helps remind my children of their heritage, I present, "The Plagues, the Plagues" (apologies to What Ever Happened on the Way to the Forum?)
Plagues One through Five:

Six through Ten:(well, number Five's peeking out a bit at the left...)

And please notice the tasteful waistband of matzoh printed fabric. I hope she has as much fun wearing it as I did making it today.


  1. It would have been fun having a nanny-cam on those darn squirrels when they were stealing the stuffing out of your patio furniture LOL - I bet they had a nice, warm, comfy nest up there...interesting skirts; I've never heard of nor seen those before!

  2. That is hilarious - I would love to have a plagues skirt myself for the seder!

  3. She is going to love it!!!!

    I still think that my favorite depiction of the slaying of the first born is from that children's book. I have no idea why I have this morbid fascination with the way they drew it, but it still is the best (you know which one I'm talking about, right? with all the male children torsos/heads visible in windows of apartment-style housing or something with X's for eyes...).


  4. Squirrels....grrrrr. I am having battles right now with ground squirrels....

    Now you have me all curious about the plagues and have to look up what they all are now! But that's good cause I will learn something new. :)

    Glad to see you sewing good fun stuff.