Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lou's fan pattern

We have always had a family joke about the fact that my husband has a PhD and went to an ivy league undergraduate school and I went to a state university. Well, once again he's proven why he went to graduate school; he took my fan idea and perfected it. This is his pattern:
So, this morning Miss Violet got me up at 7AM, and after a leisurely breakfast I got to work and created a new afikomen bag to send to my cousin for use at Seder with his grandson. Here we have "Fan Plagues":

I also gave one to my friend Amy for her two kids. She's not into sewing, she does beadwork. So, now I'll get started on some that can be sold for use next year.

It's a beautiful day with sun and a breeze and there's a ballgame on tonight. Life can't get much better for me!

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