Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New year, new thoughts

So we are about halfway through January and I'm feeling like I am making progress. I did not call my cousin up on Sunday when she turned 60, I waited until last night to call and ask her how it felt after 24 hours. She laughed. Probably that or cry-there is NOTHING we can do about aging physically, but we are definitely keeping young mentally. I think I'm settling in at about the 30s, those were happy and fun years for me.

Friday I have to take Lou to the doctor's in the morning, then I am spending the day playing with my sewing machine. I want to finish up my trees block and get it into the mail, and I want to play with fabric creation for the 15 minutes to play bee. I get such a positive punch looking at all the creative things people are doing with fabric and yarn, and the use of color and texture-it's a great time to be a hand-crafter!

The girls are back at their respective schools and the house seems empty without bodies all snuggled on the sofa with laptops all working on different things-Lill, Jack, Sarah O, Sara B can really find some crazy stuff to show us. It amazes me to think how connected these kids are and how natural it is for them to deal with all their stuff: the ipads, iphones, itouches, ipods, laptops, netbooks, kindle, etc. The fact that I just got off a chat with Sarah using the webcam-and yes, Lillian, I did set it up okay-she could see and hear me!-and that Sarah is getting ready for bed in London still kind of knocks me for a loop. When I was back in college (and yes, I went to a state school) I called home once a week, using the collect call signal and then my parents called me back. And we could only talk on Sunday afternoons because that was the cheapest time. Now, we've got national plans, family plans, unlimited texting and mobile to mobile. I wonder if it ever seems too much. When the girls were young, I used to worry if I forgot my phone in case the school needed to contact me. Now, it's almost a pleasure not to have it, but I still can't get over the feeling that I need it in case some disaster strikes. I guess it depends on the definition of disaster.

I think I need to brew a cup of tea and settle down with my book. It's tough doing two days' worth of work in one.....

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  1. You're getting a lot accomplished and the new year is marching on - with or without our approval - have a great day and enjoy your tea and your book :-) It's important to take time for yourself - when I was working I called them "mental health days." ;-)