Friday, January 14, 2011

A week later

Well, we had another interesting little trip and stay at the hospital this week-Lou had a flare up of pancreatitis. He is officially the winner of the My Disease contest, and I hope has decided to withdraw from further competitions by staying healthy.

I have been busy at work trying to catch up on two weeks away at month end/quarter end/year end, one of the busiest times for a financial department. I still have some housekeeping things to get done involving moving files, but everything else is pretty caught up.

I keep looking out the window at the beautiful sunshine and expecting it to be warm when I go out there, then I notice the little bit of snow still on the ground remember it's only in the 20s. Maryland is below the Mason-Dixon Line, it's supposed to be part of the South, and to me that means warm..... and for those interested, when you are traveling south along I70 there is a sign marking the location of the Mason-Dixon Line, tastefully done in white letters on a light brown background. There is no sign when you are traveling north.

I have been better about following my to-do list this week. It's either because I kept it really short, or didn't have a lot of ambition to list things that need to be done. I am hoping this positive trend continues through the weekend!

I think I am finally going to admit that I need to have my hearing tested again and to prepare myself for the news that I have shifted out of the gray area into the definitely need area of hearing aids. Lately my ears have been ringing more than usual, and I get these periods where sounds seem to move close and far away like they are revolving around. It's hard to explain, but it's definitely not normal. I know, I'm usually not normal, but this is tough because I'm not hearing everything.

Speaking of random things, I renewed my driver's license yesterday and realized how weak my right eye has become. Seems like I'll be getting to the eye doctor soon for a check up and maybe new prescription. I also renewed the tags for the car at the kiosk, and just got the new year tag instead of having to get those new MD War of 1812 plates. I really didn't want them, I think 4cts75 fits Miss Lucy very well. And she is realy a happy little car as I have started parking inside the garage again at work. The cost difference to the outdoor lot isn't that much, and this way she is out of the daily elements and all the salt sprayed at the lot. I think they even offer car washes once a week. I'll need to find out how much that costs.

Next month is Dental Month at the vet's so I will be making an appointment for Violet to get her teeth cleaned. Not one of her favorite things, so she will probably be mad at me fr a few days.

Well, I can just squeeze in a power nap before I get dinner started.

Happy Friday to all.

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  1. Oh, goodness. Each time I read a post I'm amazed at what you are dealing with! You are in my thoughts! I wonder why there is no sign on the way north?