Friday, December 18, 2009

Hold on, it's coming"

We are getting ready for the mother of storms coming to our area. Since this is the South (we are below the Mason-Dixon Line) one expects it to be southern. Ha.

Right now the forecast is for 3-5 in. of snow tonight after 9 PM. Tomorrow, it is supposed to start snowing late morning, with an expected drop of 2-4 in. per hour most of the day. Add in winds and we could get some very interesting weather; right now the total snow expected is 15-20 in. depending on which news broadcast you lsiten to. I grew up in Ohio where people know how to deal with winter, here it's another story. The radio weather man said if this storm hits as expected, we will still be digging out on Monday. (Snow day from work? that would be cool). So this morning Lou and I made a list of stuff we needed for the house and I went out grocery shopping with a stop at the hardware store for ice melting stuff. It was not a pretty sight at Hardware City, it was only around noon and already people had cleared one shelf and were getting pretty nasty about the other two. Once I got to the grocery store, I couldn't believe how crowded the underground parking was-nobody ever parks down there. I never shop on Fridays so I asked my grocery clerk friend if the Safeway is always this crowded, and he said "No, it's because of the predicted storm. And this is nothing compared to how it will be when people get out of work and we start running out of things like milk and bread. You're smart to come this early."

So, I did the old Ohio stock-up of milk, cereal, batteries, etc. We are READY!!! I moved about one third of a cord of wood to the front stoop so it will be easier to get to if the power goes out and we need to use the fireplace as heat source, I have plenty of propane for the camp stove and we moved the wooden chairs off the front under cover so they won't get wrecked by snow.

So, if you don't see me here for a few days, it's not because I'm busy doing what I should be doing, it's because the power's out and we used up the laptop battery watching movies.

If you're in line for this storm, stay safe. Don't do anything stupid like thinking you can drive out there; you may know how to drive in the snow, but I can guarantee you that close to 95% of the other people who will be out on the road don't have a clue. If you're not in line, thank whatever power you want to that it's not coming your way. I'll keep you posted on the progress....

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