Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yuck, need sun soon!

We have had four days of cloudy weather, with some rain thrown in for grief and I need some sun! I have a "natural" lamp at work which helps, but getting into the car to drive home in the blah is really unpleasant. We are supposed to have heat and humidity again on Thursday and Friday, so hopefully we will have some sun.

I have set aside Thursday to start organizing my sewing space so I can get in to my machine. I have really missed sewing, especially since the only stuff done in June was awful! I hate the fact that I can no longer pick up a pattern, cut it, sew it, and look like a million bucks. Getting older is NOT fun in that respect! i have three dresses that all need minor to major renovation if I'm to salvage the material that went into them. But, that is not going to be Thursday's project. Thursday's project is organizing the blocks I need to sew to catch up with all of you, my dear online quilting buddies who have been so patient!! You just need to be a little more patient, then things will come to you!

Slowly I am regaining my optimism, polishing up my rose colored glasses and hoping I can find new things to get excited about. One of the concerns I had for my father-in-law is that over the course of caring for his wife, his world has shrunken considerably. Funny, but with all our support of him, my world has done the same thing. So, on to new adventures and experiments. Any ideas out there?

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  1. Girl, put on those rose colored glasses and enjoy life. You have a wonderful husband, children who are doing great in life (because of their upbringing), family, friends and of course, online buddies.
    Shake off any thoughts of being down and have fun with that sewing machine! [one day I may need this pep talk from you]
    hugs {{{{{{{ }}}}}}}}} from your friend in south Louisiana,