Saturday, September 17, 2011

Outdoor Day

Today Lou and I spent almost all day outside dealing with the yard. The tree limbs have been in the yard for two months at least and I really wanted to have one segment of my life/house/area in a "maintenance rather than needs work" mode. We finally cut all the limbs into fire place size and pitched them over the fence into the side yard-tomorrow's job will be stacking them for winter. After the limbs were cut, we weed-whacked the flowerbeds to cut down the dead stuff. i finished cutting the grass, which was about 10 inches long. It was so long the mulching mower couldn't mulch it all, but at least it is cut and we move forward from here. I brought one of the trellises out and set the gourd vines up. I'm hoping the 6 little ones will grow as we are now definitely into fall. I think we'll plant pumpkins next year-Lou suggested it and it sounds fun to me, Halloween is probably my favorite non-religious holiday.

And this year, since I don't leave for London until November 2nd, I will be home for Halloween. Thoughts are already swirling-who/what will I be? I'm still leaning toward Abby from NCIS, but I'm not sure I want to buy Goth boots when I'm leaving for London two days later and will want money to spend on souvenirs. I love Halloween-the costumes, the candy, the silliness we have at work. Every year I could kick myself for letting Lou talk me into getting rid of the Donald Duck costume-maybe I need to look in my pattern piles and see if I still have it...

DD2 will be home in about a month-she has another meeting in the Midwest and will come home since she's so close. I'm ready-we need to get her ready for Halloween, and do a little work on a more professional look for her meetings.

So, now I'll take some tylenol against later possible pain, and go enjoy the dinner Lou has cooked for us tonight.

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  1. Sounds like ya'll got a lot done today. It feels great to complete projects like that. I hope you are not too sore from all the work..
    Francis spent the afternoon splitting wood for this winter....we now have 2 and 1/2 cords (spelling) and should have enough to make it through the season. I got him a manual wood splitter a couple of years ago. It is a 10 ton manual hidrolic splitter. It is so easy to do that I can even split wood with it. Got it on Amazon with free shipping!
    we had a very cold winter last year and we are expecting the same this year.
    I know you are excited about your trip. I hope you have a great time and that the weather will be good for you too.
    Be sure to post your adventures.
    I am going to try to mail your cut outs for the bee some time next week.