Saturday, May 7, 2011

Good things today!!

A quick note before I start my Saturday chores.... the best news is that Lillian will be home late afternoon. She's flying in and has a few days before she and Jack take off for Germany. Having one or both of my girls home is always a good thing.

The second good thing is news from NIH (National Institutes of Health). I have always been a blood donor as I feel it is one of the easiest ways to help other people. After my surgery, I got a card to donate. I went in, answered the questions and waited for the nurse to review. She looked at it, gave me a somewhat shocked expression, and said-you can't give blood for five years if you've had cancer. I was crushed, but figured it was for a good reason. So, yesterday I get a card telling me I'm eligible to give blood after 5-7-11. I called and talked to the supervisor. Two things: first, the nurse was incorrect two years ago; I should not have been deferred because I did not have chemo or radiation and second, that deferral would only have been for two years not five! So, I have been eligible to give blood all along! I am going in next Thursday to see the "crew" in the donation center after two years, and I'm psyched!

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  1. Hi San-Dee
    That's great news. I admire you for giving blood.. I am such a wuss when it comes to needles.
    I am so happy that you will be able to spend time with your daughter!
    We plan to have lunch together tomorrow for Mother's Day. I always love to be with the whole famiy..Did I tell you the news? I don't remember if I did....we will have another grandbaby in October. We are all excited.
    We are all thinking pink...but a healthy baby is what we all want regardless of the sex.
    I hope you have a Happy Mother's Day!