Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Did you know?

that you can buy an extension cord for your headphones? Monday night Lou and I were at Radio Shack getting a new camera card for the camera before I sent it to Sarah for the china trip (4 GB, saves about 2800+ pictures-who knew?) and we were being helped by a very nice young man and I off handly asked him if they had long headphone cords because at work my headphones keep me on a pretty "short leash" as Sean says (he's the kid who sits in the cube next to mine, sort of an honorary son). Mark said they didn't have long headphone cords, but they did carry extension cords for headphones. I bought an 8 ft cord, and yesterday and today have been enjoying my music at work all day long. I can move from my chair to the printer and the fax and do just about everything in my cube area. It's fantastic. I've missed music since I had to stop turning it on-the guy in the cube on the other side asked me to stop playing it "out loud" because it was side-tracking him from what he needed to be doing since he's slightly adhd. So, not only do I have the radio stations I enjoy, I have Pandora, though Lill says there's a better online source now, and I have my cds. It was great, and my ears aren't even sore. Now, I just need to figure out a little clip to use to keep the cord from being weighted down. Life is good, music is better!

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