Sunday, November 3, 2013


I have been away from the computer for a long time.  Mostly, it is because my laptop is not functioning properly and I had to find one of the others in the house I could use.  We have a lot of laptops around, mostly kept for parts-or so the kids say-but I think they just can't bear to give any of their old computers away.

I have been away for some very good reasons, and hopefully my Bee Balm quilting friends will understand that beginning this week I will start to catch up on blocks that they are patiently waiting for.  The major reason I have been away was Lillian's wedding.  Planning a wedding is a major job in general, when the bride-to-be is more than two thousand miles away and wants to have a hand in the decisions, it becomes fairly complicated.  Add in the reason she is more than two thousand miles away-graduate school-and we really complicate things!

Well, first I can say that the Dr. Who themed wedding was wonderful!  I can't show you any pictures because I was told my camera was crummy and I was not allowed to take any pictures with it.  The kids have all been sharing everything on Facebook, but I don't do Facebook so I don't get to see much.  There were many wonderful and heartwarming things/moments during the day:  Lillian's tiara had belonged to her great aunt, her bouquet included brooches that represented friends and family who could not be there, she looked beautiful in the dress that was an exact copy of the dress I wore which originally was made for my aunt in 1941, my cousin brought the "the Buick" for the bridal car-a 1940 sedan bought new by my grandmother and never out of our family, Jack's face as he watched her walk down the aisle, the rabbi quoting Monty Python-the list goes on. The reception was fantastic-food was good, people had a lot of fun and played with the coloring books and photo booth.  The only minus was that someone took the sonic screwdriver pen from the guestbook table.....but they probably needed it more than I do......but it still  pisses me off.

And the last two notes of worth:  Lillian successfully defended her thesis on October 30th making her the latest Dr. Ostrach and Sarah has signed another contract to finish the teaching year in Beijing.

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  1. It is great to see you back online. I am glad the wedding went well. Sounds like it was a perfect celebration. I wish the new couple years of happiness and good health. Congrats on the PHD in the family. Life has been busy for us here too! Never boring.
    hugs to you my friend,